Note from the Blogger

I’m Not Dead Yet!

While I have gone quiet in recent weeks I would like to make it very clear that I am not gone. My flight back to the UK is in three weeks now and I find myself looking back on all the fun I have had in Australia. The book I was reading was a very poor choice, made because I felt I hadn’t read much “teen fiction”. The problem here is that teen fiction is actually pretty dire unless it is done at an incredibly high standard. I remember being that age very clearly and so long as there was a heroine I could identify with and she ended up getting smooches I was happy. This is the main reason why I’m so relieved that the Twilight series came too late for me, I know I would have loved it otherwise. Anyway, I still may finish that other book but it’s pretty harsh for me to read it when I’m used to classical literature. This is no excuse though as I need to learn to read everything. Considering my deep desire is to become a book reviewer and I wont get far if I’m being a total snob about what I read.

Until I can get back onto mainstream stuff though I have recently made an excellent discovery! My partner goes to Ballarat University and, until their recent renovations they had a selection of English Literature Periodicals on the first floor. Unfortunately the first floor is now under serious construction work and I was very sad that I would not get to read them while my partner was in his classes. Fortunately, I just discovered they have been relocated to the basement so I will be reading up on a few critical pieces about Australian Literature before I am forced to leave.

I’m unsure if I’ll keep reading exclusively Oz novelists when I leave. I don’t feel I’ve done as much with this blog as I could have done but I also have not read a large amount of other books that I’ve been keeping my eyes on. That said, I’m still curious about Australian writers and the nature of Australian fiction, perhaps my studies down in the basement will reveal something!


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