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Kayleigh Reviews It All: That-guy-who-sits-opposite-me-at-work’s ringtone

Now, I’m sure I’m not alone in the knowledge that there are a lot of irritating ringtones out there. Yeah, I know, stop the presses. Sometimes you hear a phone go off and you really can’t understand why a person would, quite literally, announce to a group of strangers that they like hearing the sound/ tune on a regular basis. I for one have Daft Punks Aerodynamic as my ringtone (the guitar riff everyone loves) and many of my friends have similar awesome ringtones.

Not you, guy who sits opposite me at work. I mean, it’s annoying enough that you get to have a phone in work and it’s paid for by work and they dont mind you wandering off and taking calls at any time. And please dont go on about how the calls are for “work purposes” because I’ll still feel shortchanged. Honestly though, I wouldn’t notice if not for your ringtone.

Now, this is one of those weird ringtones called the polyphonic ringtone. Basically there was this tiny step between 90’s videogame music ringtones and MP3 ringtones where ringtones tried to be a bit more complicated. It’s like the original stuff but with more layers and a bit nicer sound quality. I don’t hate these ringtones per say but they can hit higher notes with greater annoyance than anything I’ve ever heard in my life. Your ringtone, my work colleague, is ENTIRELY made up of this high pitch sound. Or rather, it begins with an initial trill which has immediately made my teeth snap together and clench like a woman in the early stages of labour. This first moment is horrendous but I can endure. What I really dislike is the sudden rush of fear as I check to see if you will answer your phone soon before the tone begins more trills and rises in its inane melody. If you are busy then I clench harder in anticipation for the annoying music, which is actually much worse than the music itself.

It is only your ringtone that does this to me and I give it a hearty thumbs down. Change it soon, before my teeth explode out of my face and cause a problem for our employers.


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