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Kayleigh Reviews it all: Tiny Strawberries

I’m going to come out and say that I love tiny strawberries. I don’t mean miniscule strawberries because those fruits would have no nutritional value and there’d be no fun eating them, I just mean smaller strawberries.

Whenever we see fruit in movies, no matter what type, it always has to be a ‘perfect’ example. Banana’s that are an exact size and colour, large rosy red apples and freakin’ huge strawberries! Supermarkets emulate this and because Britain is apparently made up of the finickiest eaters on the planet they just use these large strawberries, throw away the rest and lead us to believe that what we see on their shelves is ‘normal’.

I prefer smaller strawberries and you can find these if you shop at one of those incredibly rare gems called a green grocer’s, you can also usually find them in the supermarket’s basic section being sold to you as a lesser product when in fact they are vastly superior and awesome, as I shall demonstrate:

1)      Less mess! We all love getting that one really juicy and yummy strawberry but if that piece of fruit is already large then you’re going to probably end up splattering it down yourself and look like some kind of obsessive strawberry loving child. Small strawberries allow for less mess because, despite they’re yummy and juicy insides, they’re not so large that biting into them will create a catastrophic change in strawberry pressure.

2)      Less waste! I never know what to do about the stalk and leaves that are on a strawberry. Should I cut it off? Pull it off by hand or eat around it? Out of sheer laziness I usually pick the last one. Maybe some people have concocted a unique and ingenious way of eating a strawberry with no waste but I have not and whenever I bite into a large strawberry, aiming to avoid the leaves, I usually realise that I’ve left a huge chunk of yummy strawberry on either side. I’m not going to nibble up these excess pieces now because that’s weird and it’s very hard to hold onto a strawberry once it’s been partially eaten and I am not a fruit ninja! Small strawberries are easy to bite and it’s simple to avoid the annoying stalk without wasting so much fruit.

At the end of the day, I view huge strawberries in supermarkets as a lie. Not that you don’t get big ones at a green grocers but the iconic shape of a strawberry shouldn’t be the only available option, as though supermarkets are fruit Nazis. Get yourself some real strawberries and pick out the cute small ones to discover a little piece of my happiness.

(edit 19/6/11: The image to the side is something I drew in work at lunch and replaces the awful picture I took with my iPhone!)


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