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The Favourite Book Challenge Blogfest

In an attempt to jump-start some creative juices, I’ve opted to take part in the Favourite Book Challenge Blogfest held by Teralyn Rose Pilgrim at her blog A Writer’s Journey’ . This blogfest aims to summarise your favourite book in one sentence and then why you like it in a second.

I found it embarrassingly hard to think of a fifth book, which is probably very surprising when I love to read as much as I do. I’m not one for re-reading books and very few really amaze or even get much of a response from me. I suppose I can blame the three years I had to read things I didn’t want to and now reading is more something I enjoy but doesn’t often hit the higher planes. How often do you leave a movie and think “Oh my god, that was unbelievably fantastic and my whole view on how you make films and/or the subject matter has been changed/ improved!”? Well, that’s the reaction I need to call a book one of my ‘favourites’. The first four definately fall into that category where as the last was just exceptionally enjoyable to read (I love how I used the word ‘just’ to describe that…).

If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller
You, the reader, start reading a book only to discover that only the first chapter has been published and so begins a journey where you attempt to find a complete novel. An incredible piece of fiction written beautifully (and strangely successfully) in 2nd person that accurately investigates the nature of the reader and their quest for a complete story.

The Gargoyle
A porn star is recovering from a major car accident that leaves him castrated and mutilated when he meets a strange woman who believes they are both from centuries past and a bond between them begins. An amazing narrator that deals unflinchingly with reality whilst falling under the spell of a woman who manages to dispel the madness of what she believes.

Wild Swans
Three generations of women in China chronicle the country’s change from ancient traditions and the rebellion that inadvertently brought about the madness of Chinese communism. Heart breakingly tender in places and brutally honest in others, a truly fascinating look at how one country can change so much.

The Time Machine
A Victorian scientist makes his way into the distant future and discovers the horrors of what mankind has become. One of the first great pieces of science fiction, this novel contains much speculation which is still relevant today as well as an impressive story that has aged magnificently.

The Time Traveller’s Wife
A man has the uncontrollable ability to time travel, meaning that he creates a very strange relationship with his wife as she originally meets him when she is a girl and he is a grown man. A beautiful story that seamlessly fuses science fiction elements into a dramatic and poignant story, exploring the very foundations of relationships.


9 thoughts on “The Favourite Book Challenge Blogfest

  1. I have seen The Time Traveler's Wife so many times during this blogfest! I think I'm going to have to order it now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw the movie and liked it well enough! ~TRA

  2. Hey there I assume you're the Kayzu that's following my blog – so thank you. I loved your book list and was thrilled to see Wild Swans – if you loved that you'd love Life & Death in Shanghai which was on my list. An amazing time in Chinese history. Am following back and great to be connected!

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