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Kayleigh Reviews it all: Websites that won’t let you leave

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Sometimes when I’m bored, I start searching for weird things on google. These might be things that are a little relevant to me, things that have nothing to do with anything or just me looking for some mad websites. So let me draw you a picture of a less than enjoyable experience.

I type a search into google, doesn’t matter what, and I start browsing. I find a few interesting sites but none that really pull me far away from my results, which I keep returning to so I can carry on to the next page. 

On one page, I’ve been browsing for about two minutes, I decide I want to go back and hit the button. The page blips out… but then reloads. I’ve been scanning each page with little interest and barely even remember hitting back so I do it again. The page disappears to white but then stubbornly reappears and I start to realise what’s happened. I hit back again, this time faster and the page still peeks back at me, as if the quick break I get from it reloading was more than enough to change my course. I start to feel outranged and a little unsettled, I want to LEAVE this webpage now! Suddenly it all becomes ridiculously important and I MASH the back key so many times that I’ve suddenly returned to that webcomic I was look at thirty minutes ago. I feel annoyed and defeated, but it doesn’t stop me from searching my history for my google results and the bored browsing continues. 

I hate these kinds of pages because I feel like I’m being pressured. The website has become a salesperson insistently pawing their merchandise at me and all it does is make me want to get away faster. I don’t know this for certain but I think some websites do this on purpose with the idea that people will give them another chance. I’m very sorry website, but I’ve already made the decision that you don’t have what I’m after and trapping me with you is not going to change the matter!

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