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Lovin’ the Language Blogfest

Another blogfest for the day! Being hosted by Jolen Perry, the rules are as follows:

Pick any five lines or any five SHORT exerpts from one of your WIPs. If you’re feeling shy, and don’t want to share from your own work, share from something you LOVE.

I decided to go with lines in my works that are as short and as potent as possible. A real problem I have is making my sentences too long and I use far too much exposition. 

1) That was the closest thing Helena could keep to a journal, a small jar of ash under her bed. (Never Until Always)

2) She was striking yet also forgettable, you could look at her intently but when you turned away her face fled your mind like a fragile reflection in a lake. Her eyes were pools of ocean grey that lit up like stars on the sea in her rare moments of excitement. (Storms in Melbourne)

3) Rainwater tea was more than enough to keep her in Melbourne for a time. (Storms in Melbourne)

4) Once again the body part grasped and hauled it’s way up until a head, putrid and foul, exploded out of the ground in a sea of ash and brown. The whooping sound of it’s breath, like a new birth instead of a sin against death, made him wince and cower but it did not see him yet. (The Burden of Curse)

5) Olier moved away from her as swiftly as he could, standing as far back as her eyes would allow him to move. She adjusted her posture like a wounded creature, moving onto her knees and raising her body up before him. (The Burden of Curse)

Don’t feel that my writing compares with others that I have seen in this blog fest, but it’s the best I can do for now so I’ll submit away!


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