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A Bowl and a Blank Mountain

At my writing group on Saturday we did a fun exercise where we picked out three words from a selection and attempted to write a short piece of fiction. Below is a slightly improved version of what I came up with at the time. My words were Bowl, Blank and Mountain.

The simple bowl had been left on Blank Mountain without the owner even noticing the loss. He was far more aware of his keen disappointment; the mountain had beaten his ascent into submission yet again. Perhaps it was his frozen fingers, numb with depression and spite, which caused the bowl to be incorrectly secured, tumbling from its spot and landing on the frosted snow.

Blank Mountain was a white stream of nothing that ascended into the misty heavens, still raw and unconquered by man. Its name explained it all as local adventurers saw it as a blank, both because of its wildly snowy weather that left much of the peak permanently under snow fall, and as a blank canvas that they desperately wanted to add their signature to. The tiny bowl rested on the face of this mountain, below the rocks and crevices that no man had managed to pass, and it kept its place in a genial fashion. It had nothing to lose or gain from its place other than an inch or two of snow.

Blank Mountain continued its fury, whether it noticed its new inhabitant or not. Winds blew and raged, slow fell and masked the small bowl before revealing it again during a sudden gale. The bowl hadn’t minded, in fact it enjoyed the shade. When Blank Mountain sent roaring cold that crack the bowl’s simple blue surface, the humble utensil merely endured it with a quiet peace that bellied the rage of the unconquered mountain.

The bowl endured the storms, the winds that whipped it from one place to the next, never fearing the fall that sometimes passed so closely. It moved and travelled as the Mountain wished until it was discovered by Hanz Kettle. Mr Kettle was surprised to find a man-made bowl at Mountain Blank’s summit, when he had been informed months before that the Mountain had yet to be successfully climbed.


One thought on “A Bowl and a Blank Mountain

  1. Fun.I don't have a writing group I meet with face to face, and I don't very often do writing exercises. If I have a few quiet minutes to just write? I'm going to jump into my current wip. I do admit, that the exercise thing would be good for me, but I'm just lame that way ;D

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