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Falling Behind

Since I started following writers on blogger, four of them have been given book contracts. This is quite impressive considering how few blogs I follow but I like to take it as a testament to my taste in reading. And whilst I am overjoyed that my fellow bloggers are achieving their dreams (is there any greater dream for a writer than being published?) it can’t help but turn a powerful spotlight on my own meagre achievements. I’ve yet to finish a novel, send anything off or even think about looking for an agent and my 10-year-old self would be most disappointed considering she was certain I’d be published by 20 (which was half-way to the grave, after all).
Sometimes when you see terrible books being published, it makes you wonder why you should bother trying in an industry that seems to attempt to craft novels in very much the same way that record companies try to create their own bands. You can use that as an excuse at times, because maybe companies aren’t interested in cool, original novel ideas. But when someone truly talented, who walks the same path you do, gets published then you know that only your own lack of ambition is holding you back.
I love reading about those who are trying to write, especially their leaps and bumps on the road to their goals, and I would love to meet more people trying to achieve their dreams like I am. Making connections with people like you helps to spur yourself into action and I honestly hope that I’ll work harder and better knowing that people around me are working harder and better than I am, because I’m determined not to fall too far behind!
I was hoping to add a list of the blogs I follow where the writers have been published but unfortunately Blogger is being very temperamental thanks to their latest update (which looks great but appears to have deleted all the blogs I follow). I hope that I’ll be able to update this soon because I would love for more people to be a part of their great writing. 


3 thoughts on “Falling Behind

  1. Well, I don't have a book deal! The only thing your 10-year-old-self should be disappointed by is if you ever gave up (which I'm sure you won't)Life's hard at the best of times without comparing your progress to that of other people's – if you're still writing and (most importantly) still enjoying it, then you are a success. Always remember that.

  2. Kayleigh – we all work at our own pace. For me, the MOST IMPORTANT thing about writing, is making sure that it's fun. Being a writer should be an AWESOME occupation whether you're doing it part time, full time, or only in the very few spare moments between life's madness.Every time one of my bloggy friends has a success it cuts both ways. Of course I'm thrilled for them, but at the same time, part of me always wishes it was my turn.I'm definitely taking a different road than some of my friends. Using a smaller press for my first, I just signed with an agent, and we're still working with smaller publishers. It's kind of where I want to write for now. I have projects reserved for one of the big 6, but I'm honestly having a great time, and there's nothing like the friendly personality of people who work very much the same way that I do. My agent is easy and awesome, the two presses I've been back and forth with are also awesome. So really, it's all a matter of writing and doing things where we're comfortable but also where we feel like we're pushing ourselves and moving forward – just not to the point where we don't like writing anymore!You'll SO SO get there!My ten-year old self would be very disappointed that I"m not married to a boy named Chandler and that I no longer ride horses obsessively, so you know…

  3. You will get there! Remember you aren't writing one story quick. Your writing style is to bounce around different stories polishing them up bit by bit. I do think it would do wonders for your self esteem to know you have finished one of them though.

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