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Potent Words

I love flash fiction and minimalist poetry. Trying to convey an image, idea or even a whole story in so few words is a challenge I often fail at. It’s often a very surprising thing to learn that we don’t need to present thoughts or sometimes even opinions to convey purely and emotively what a character is feeling. When it comes to minimalist poetry, there are many writers in the post war years who tried to condense everything down, effectively creating poetry in its purest form. It may not rhyme, there may be no seen for a structure or an iambic pentameter but I love minimalist poetry and I occasionally have a crack at these kind of challenges just to see how badly I can do. 
I covered minimalist poetry in University and here is a short poem I attempted to try and emulate the idea:
We lay as lovers. 
A new day is breaking, 
We recoil. 
I’m no good at poetry but I’m actually quite please with this. I even had a friend translate it into Latin for me, though the end result was far harder to say out loud than I expected!
Iacebamus et amantes eramus.
Dies novus incipit,
Ex Luce Fugimus.
Poetry in other languages is always something that I love to hear, despite the fact that I don’t understand any language other than English. Listening to a foreign tongue speak poetry, it makes one realise how beautiful all languages can be. Poetry usually aims to be languid, beautiful and pleasing to the ear and this isn’t just true for English. Seek out some famous French poetry and, even if you have no idea what’s being said, I guarantee you’ll love the sound of someone reading it aloud to you. 


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