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Novel Films Blogfest

I do so love blogfests and this one has a place very close to my heart. Held by Scribble and Edit, this blogfest focuses on which books you’ve read AND seen a film/ tv adaptation of, so let’s get to it!
A Little Princess
The film really does take a sad story and fill it with as much Hollywood cheese as possible, putting in movie style amnesia while it’s at it. I preferred the book and was disappointed by the film.
Ella Enchanted
After this film, I steered clear of adaptions altogether. The book is incredible, managing to look at the fantasy world without clichés (or at least very few) whilst the film is choking on them.
War of the Worlds
I can understand why people don’t like this film but I feel it’s a great modern day telling of the H. G. Wells invasion story. That said; there are bizarre elements (They came here before? The son?) that are thrown in for no seeming purpose other than melodrama and cheese.
The Da Vinci Code
Honestly? I could take or leave both
Angels and Demons
Same again, but the death scenes were far more potent and I’m sad they left out my favourite part of the story
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
So kooky it kinda hurts. Verne wouldn’t be amused.
The Time Machine 2000
Oh god why? This is the worst adaptation of them all, taking a speculative story and throwing in masses of paradoxes, false logic, changing every character and theme as they see fit. The sad part is, this film was done by one of H.G. Wells’ descendants but it seems so lacking in respect for the subject matter.
I loved both the film and the book but the book is able to talk more about the witchcraft rather than just her culture. This is an example of where I feel films have to be watered down for the wider audience but both are incredibly enjoyable.
V for Vendetta (I count the original as a novel)
I thoroughly enjoyed both, though the comic has more time to look over how this would effect the masses and there are more sub plots and other characters that fans of the film really should check out.
The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen (same again)
Leaving aside the forced inclusion of Tom Sawyer because the film makers thought that American’s couldn’t sit through a load of Brits, this is a famously poor adaptation that took an original tale and turned it into trite.
Bicentennial Man
There is no love story in the original short story and he lives for much longer. Seeing his ‘family’ pass him so quickly into old age and death works somewhat more effectively to show how alien he is to humanity initially. But I loved the themes of the film and I feel they both question what it means to be human. Check out both!
Hamlet 2000
Kinda like Baz Lurman’s Romeo and Juliet but darker and slower. I really enjoyed it but it’s not for everyone.
Romeo and Juliet
An excellent adaptation that has you understanding Shakespeare talk! V impressive!
The BBC also did a series of modern day adaptations of Shakespeare plays that I thought were truly fantastic.
The common theme you might be noticing is that I’m very aware of what holds films back. My favourite thing about a book is if it is utterly original and I seek out stories with bizarre storylines that I might never encounter again. Safe to say, many of the books I enjoy don’t get turned into films and those that do are usually gutted of many of the things I loved. I don’t hate adaptations but the films require clichés, stereotypes and don’t depend on excellent writing as much (let’s be honest, they don’t). In my mind, these two mediums hold different things that I love, but the two rarely cross over well for me. 

7 thoughts on “Novel Films Blogfest

  1. That's a fun list. Mentioning Jules Verne reminded me of "Around the world in 80 days". I'll make sure it makes my list when I post in a few minutes.If you get a chance, check out a fellow writer's zombie story and help me make him wear an embarrassing shirt next year! It's the ultimate grudge match between social media and the zombies. Details are here:

  2. I LOVE BBC's adaptations!Also, you've reminded me to pick up Ella Enchanted for my daughter. The film was… yeah… not great, but I loved the premise. Glad to hear the book was better.

  3. When I saw THAT War Of The Worlds (which I now unaffectionately refer to as 'SpielWorlds!') by Spielberg, I was expecting it to be shite.It was actually rather good…but I have to say it's good as a film in its own right, and they should change the title to "Aliens Invade America" or something. WOTW is a big part of my life, and I can't call this one loyal to the book, mainly because the story should be strictly set in London, and strictly 1898. If it was more realistically moved to modern times, the first thing that would happen is that the humans would win instantaneously and it would be more of a 5-minute short than anything.As for Time Machine, I think both films are terrible compared to the book, although the 1960s one does a mildly better job of it. If I were to remake the Time Machine, again it would begin in the 1890s. And the Morlocks and Eloi would be more animal and unrecognisable as previously human, as they are described in the book. I guess the films didn't bother with the evolution part.And I would definitely choose a much older and wiser actor, probably in his 60s.Also, I thought the scene in the far future with the colossal crabs on the silent beach was tremendous fun, and was sad everyone missed that. 😀 But that's just a geeky aside.-Tom

  4. ahhhhh bad adaptions. Oh so fun. The time machine was so horrible. But it's understandble, Film makers nowadays can't understand the concept of making a film without action. Of course none of them compare to the horror that is the film "The Librarian"

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