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Some Good Things That Have Come From the London Riots

The London riots have shocked so many of us, be us British or inhabitants of the world as a whole. Out of a non-violent protest, a spark created some of the worst riots that England has seen since the 80’s. London has burned for nights in a row and the series of copy-cat riots that are sprouting seemingly out of the ether make it clear that this is no simple case of reaction. Indeed, I don’t think many rioters could tell you what the protest was originally about (a tragic loss of life where a young man was shot by the police, which is currently being investigated).

The strange thing that I find about this is how decidedly un-British it all seems. I’m not going to pretend that we’re all dandies and fopps, there are thugs in the UK that could scare anyone. The numerous interviews that I’ve heard from people who are loving the riots seem to be exclusively from dumb idiots who are finally feeling like they’re getting the ‘freedom’ to destroy their community from the inside out. Girl who laud they’re free wine, stolen from Oddbins and claim that the businesses they attack are “rich”, which makes it okay. Those who state that this is the fault of the police, though have difficulties making their argument anymore precise. These are the people causing the trouble, or rather, the people stupid enough to go on tape about it and I want to focus on some great responses from the people I truly think not only make Britain great, but the whole world.

Operation Drink Tea
Operation drink tea is the brain child of Sam Pepper and is filled to the brim (ha ha!) with British humour. For as long as the riots continue, he asks everyday Brits to take pictures of themselves at 8:30 settling down for a nice cuppa. Check out the facebook event for some amazing photos of people being pleasant British stereotypes, a lovely distraction from those we’re seeing watching their home burn. As of 21:00 GMT this topic is also trending on twitter, which some amazing pictures appearing that really make me glad to be British. Is it understating a serious problem? No, it’s showing that British desire to pick ourselves up and continue regardless, something I often love.

I’m sure none of you will be surprised to know that I created my own… unique entry into this group. Unique as I don’t drink tea (I know! It’s like I’m not even British, right?) but I know something I love that is just as patriotic!

Plymouth Gin! The alternative to rioting! 

Riot Clean Up

Another wonderful show of camaraderie on a social networking site, Dan Thompson created a twitter account to try to focus the clean up operations in his area. The group soon ballooned to thousands of followers and hundreds of London inhabitants choreographed clean up operations across their home town.  Armed with brooms at the ready, the crowd cheerfully mocked their own Prime Minister for forgetting his as he turned up to help out. Another example of how the British spirit is still alive and kicking, something that we should foster and be proud of. I know that this can happen in any country in the world and I’m so glad that social networking can be used to create such a positive response to what has been mindless violence and nothing less. 

One thought on “Some Good Things That Have Come From the London Riots

  1. I'm glad your not impressed by the rioters. And the photo of the clean up is the first good news I've seen about it. You might see my take on the riots (cleverly disguised as a movie review) by clicking on my name and seeing my most recent blot entry.

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