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30 Days Of Books Challenge – Day 1

This is actually a facebook note thing that’s going around the social network site but I wanted to give longer answers than I felt would be appropriate so I’ll go at it here.

Day 1 – The Best Book You Read This Year

In terms of a book I couldn’t put down, that would have to do be ‘The Gargoyle’ by Andrew Davidson. I got this on the spur of the moment in The Works, which is not my favourite place to get my books as they often have forgettable novels mixed with classics. This tale of a horrifically burnt man is honest, chilling and heart-swellingly beautifully written. Considering the protaganist is a porn star who has since been castrated due to his burns, his narration is amazingly wry and he becomes deeply likable.

During his recovery, he meets a young woman who is clearly unsettled, believing that she is hundreds of years old. Not only that, she’s convinced that the narrator is her old lover and that they lived together hundreds of years ago. The story takes the form of their  developing relationships and her stories about amazing love that often can conquer all.

An incredible read, this book took me completely by surprise and putting it down simply wasn’t an option until I read the final page. I’ve spoken about this book before in my blog and I don’t think I’m bigging it up too much. Certainly, it was my favourite book this year and one of the few books that has truly resonated with me.

Continuing tomorrow, I have lots of questions to answer!


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