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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 – A Book You’ve Read More Than Three Times
This is a long list and I’ll try to not include books I’ve mentioned in previous posts. When I was younger I used to read certain books over and over again. I think I might have nearly read my copies of Wilbur Smith’s ‘Warlock’, ‘The Seer and the Sword’ and C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ to death throughout the years. During my uni course I stopped doing this altogether and it’s now incredibly rare that I’ll pick up a book I’ve already read for another go. But there are exceptions:

Johnathon Livingston Seagull 
One of the few books I remember finishing incredibly vividly because I was sat in a city centre quietly weeping. The premise is incredibly simple, it’s about a seagull who wants to master flying like a bird of prey rather than just hopping from place to place to get food. From there, the book starts to (subtly) show how his journey resembles that of many prophets as he tries to inform other seagulls about how beautiful flying can truly be.

I’ve made this book sound like it has religious undertones, and it does, but I’m an atheist and I never felt the pressure of a religious writer down on me. I think if you are religious, you’ll love this book just as much as if you weren’t. The point of the book is showing how we can find beauty in everything we do and that someone should never give up trying to improve themselves. An amazing narrative for such a short book, this was one of the best gifts I was every given.


One thought on “30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 2

  1. This is still one of my favourite books as well. So short yet so touching. This book is a perfect example of "less is more" and about how a book is more about what is implied between the words then the words themselves.

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