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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 4

With several impending blogfests in the next few days, I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up with this 30 day challenge. It has also occurred to me that this would look better if I’d decided to do this on a specific month but oh well!

Day 4 – Favourite Book of Favourite Series

Those of you who read yesterday will know that Red Dwarf is my favourite series of books and it’s honestly so difficult to pick one out. They all blend seamlessly into one huge storyline but I think the first book truly does deserve the mention. Red Dwarf – Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers is an incredible book that gives you everything you love from the first episodes of Red Dwarf plus so much more.

If you don’t know of Red Dwarf, this book introduces Dave Lister, an everyday man living in a day and age where our solar system has been populated. But there are still plenty of idiots around and Lister is forced to take part in a mini expedition to get himself home. Once on the ship, a chronic meltdown kills every other member of the crew, leaving Lister alone with a hologram of a guy he hates, an evolved cat and a super intelligent computer who’s actually gone a bit… strange. Together they attempt to find their way back to Earth, because they’ve been flying in the wrong direction for some time.

The characters are so complete and each one will have you laughing either with them or at them. My personal favourite is the evolution of Cat, describing the struggles of the cats and their move towards intelligence. There’s so much depth that can be added and such an amazing story, I truly am grateful that Grant Naylor chose to create the books and TV series at once.

Fans of the series truly must find a copy of their own, which isn’t hard on the internet. I’m so sad that this book hasn’t become something all sci fi fans have read, indeed most sci fi fans I meet are unaware of their existence even if they loved the show. If you love humorous science fiction then prepare to get the giggles with Red Dwarf. Truly a book that should get more attention than it does, I cannot recommend it too much!


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