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Kayleigh Reviews it All: My Jeans

These are a very special pair of jeans though, before you think I’ve gone a bit strange. This also isn’t a feature about some expensive pair of designer jeans so that I can rub a material possession in your face. Indeed, I got these jeans a Tammy. For those of you who are from the UK and happen to be women, you might remember Tammy, it was a clothing brand for girls and I bought some of my favourite clothes from there over the years. They even sized their clothes by height, as we were not yet old enough to fit into ‘big girl’ sizes. Over the years I grew out of all my Tammy clothes but, amazingly, not these jeans.

These jeans were purchased when I was 14 years old and about fifteen centimetres shorter. I’m not short for a 20-something, standing at 170cm’s (5 foot 6 for imperialists) and these jeans have grown along with me to an impressive degree. These jeans went through a fair portion of puberty with me, ignoring my swelling hips and changing shape. True, they started off as waist high and now I wear them as something closer to hipsters but these jeans have stuck with me to an impressive extent!

They’ve even outlived their original store! I have no idea when Tammy closed down but it was before I went to university, making these relics of a past age. I honestly wonder if they could become collectable, though I somehow doubt it. Not only did they survive puberty, they also seem to have bent the laws of physics and adapted to some considerable growth. I was very underweight at 14, weighing somewhere between six and seven stone (between 84 and 98 pounds) and recently I nearly entered into overweight for a 23 year old at eleven and a half stone (161 pounds). These jeans still fitted! We’re talking about a weight gain of potentially five and a half stone (80 pounds) and I’ve never had to stop wearing them! I know that most of that is probably down to them stretching over the years and certainly they don’t have much shape to them anymore but I can’t help saluting them!

They have the odd hole or permanent stain, what jeans don’t that have to be worn by a teenager? But looking at my photos, would you think these jeans were nearly a decade old? If I ever bothered to iron them, I think they’d still look incredibly stylish and it’s with a heavy heart that I am now intending to throw them away. Oh yes, these jeans put up one hell of a fight but time has finally ruined them. As a show of defeat, the zip continually flies at half mast or lower, no matter what my attempts are to fix it. This has lead to much awkwardness when going out and about as I’m so used to these jeans, I forget this new problem. Last week I wore them to work and have finally decided that they must go.

So I want to commend these jeans, they have always been comfortable, great looking and have barely faded with time. They’re worn but I have never experienced a substantial rip or tear in them. The cuffs are in a sorry state around the back but I truly am amazed at how well they have lasted. The pockets are still in one piece, the seams are still together, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these nine year old jeans other than a busted zip. Makes me wonder if I should just find a way to replace the zip because I’m uncertain I’ll ever find another pair so loyal and dependable.


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