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The Obligatory New Years Post

Nearly three weeks late, because I like to be ironic like that. Boom.

New Year is a great time to grasp new beginnings and new starts, everyone knows that otherwise we wouldn’t make resolutions. The important thing about resolutions is to allow them to fit you comfortably otherwise you’ll never achieve them.  I’d love to make a resolution that forces me to try cooking every week but I know I simply won’t achieve it. Everyone knows that picking an over-eager resolution practically encourages you to get down on yourself, which leads inevitably to frustration and losing any desire to carry on – even if the goal was unbelievably rewarding.

Of course, you know this. You might have made and broken resolutions in the time it’s taken me to talk about them a bit! You know I’m going to tell you about a few that I’ve made for myself and it’s up to you if you’re curious about the dreams and aims of a young woman you might not really know!

  1. Learn To Drive – Don’t go yet! I know this one is mind-numbingly dull and unoriginal but it’s important! I’ve taken many tests now and failed them all because I have zero faith in myself. Learning to drive has thrown this character flaw into such striking relief that I am utterly thrown by it. I had no idea how destructive doubting my own opinion could be until my third driving instructor informed me that I’d made a dangerous error and I’m sitting there wanting to cry because I knew I should have done something else but I wouldn’t listen to myself! Passing by paying attention to my instincts will do so much for my confidence it’s unspeakable. DONE!
  2. Gain Two More Belts At Ju Jitsu – It’s unbelievable what this has done for my confidence as well. If it’s at all possible for you to take part in something like this I would seriously advise it because it’s bloody rewarding! Particularly if you feel helpless at times, this firms you up in your own mind and makes you feel more worthwhile. I’ve been told that I’ve set the bar too low here, with Yellow and Orange being very easy to achieve in a year but I’ll add more if I feel I can!
  3. Write 100,000 Words – The big one. A counter will go up on this site and all my creative writing and article writing for the year will be tallied. This should be easy considering how well I’ve done at NaNoWriMo in the past but this is just another kick start to set me on the right path.
  4. Find More Things to Enjoy And Love – Details will follow here, I already made excellent headway in this aim last year. Joining a LARP group and getting into photography through friends has already brightened my life considerably.
So that’s it, a chronicle of a few things I’d like to achieve and now I can’t ignore them! In case you were wondering btw, I made the image for this blog at the Keep Calm-o-Matic website where anyone can make there own Keep Calm and Carry On inspired poster!

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