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The beauty of a new idea

The picture alongside is the most perfect thing for a writer: a fresh and unspoilt new idea. Whilst I can’t argue that it’s original (is there any story involving zombies that HASN’T been told yet?) it still has that wonderful enthusiasm of a new idea plucked straight from my mind. The hardest part is yet to come, fleshing out this story and seeing if it’s actually worth anything. And I have not demonstrated myself as a dedicated writer by any stretch of the imagination so the actual creation of the story, however I choose to tell it, is likely to be arduous and frustratingly slow paced.

Still, nothing gives me more pleasure than looking upon a new idea, particularly when I’ve managed to contain it so effectively onto a post-it note and taken the typically hipster shot of it. On some level I’m ashamed but I’m too excited right now to mind.

So this new idea will most likely die a slow death through editing problems, loss of this sudden flash of inspiration that still holds firm at the moment or perhaps the simple and eventual realisation that this idea is not as good as I first envisioned. That said, the amount of pleasure I have gained from this simple task, something that I realise not everyone can or is inclined to do, has reminded me just how fulfilling I find my writing and I have no excuse for allowing my talents to fail. A quick message via the blogosphere but very important to me and other writers: that first taste of a new idea is utterly electric and intoxicating and whilst most of us know not to be lured into believing that this first step will set a precedent for everything that will come after in the difficult and troublesome birth of a complete story, we should take pride that we can experience this joy at all.


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