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Alphabet Writing Challenge: B is for Blues

With my alphabet writing challenge, I’ve spaced these two entries apart despite the fact they were done on the same day. I actually grew a little concerned that my first two were about such negative emotions but you should be glad as this was initially going to be that B is for bereavement! Oh yes, what a lark that would have been to write. By comparison, B is for blues (the emotion of feeling low, not the music that I know so desperately little about) seemed relatively upbeat and whenever I think of someone who’s hit a low rung and doesn’t know how to help themselves it’s Dan.

Dan’s sister has died suddenly and months on he’s finding everyday life is only getting harder and harder. Distant from his work, losing the connection he held with his wife, he begins to see a red-headed woman in the corner of his eye wherever he goes. Kerri had just dyed her hair exactly the same colour when she died. But it’s not what he expects and brings up sins that he has committed, along with terrible dreams of a young woman being abused.

Again, not overly happy with this entry into my alphabet writing challenge as I fear it slips into cliche. Writing on demand about something completely different each time will probably prove to be very difficult for me

Here’s a transcript:

It had weighed heavy and low in his chest: the pain he was baring. Why was it that something so clear and obvious had become his secret burden? Everyone knew about death but he had run out of the allowance for grief. So he sat and drank, knowing that Eva would know he was up to no good. Maybe she’d even guess the bar, come and get him like so many TV shows and films portrayed. But a confrontation would accept that something was very wrong with him. So strange how much he craved that, but silence would have to suffice as he wouldn’t get a battle that he knew he couldn’t win. The music was awful and the beer stuck somewhere on the way down. These were bars that reminded him of nothing; nothing about his life or Kerri’s belonged here and in that sense it was a refuge. He was aware of the door opening as he sat at the bar, willing down the knot of tears that was always suspended inside. Unshod feel slapped against the plastic flooring and an arm slid around him with haunting familiarity. Over his shoulder a flash of red hung across his jacket and a sob of joy and relief wracked his body. 


One thought on “Alphabet Writing Challenge: B is for Blues

  1. This one is emotional 🙂 You’ve done really well shrouding the details in mystery… Well… I hope you did shroud it in mystery and I’m not just losing my touch. But shorter sentences reflect a more internal though pattern for a close narrator as does describing emotions as physical manifestations and not just using a single word as a descriptor.
    Anyway I liked this one, the only flaw would be that its so mysterious that I don’t really sympathise with his blue feelings as a reader. But that might have been what you were going for.

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