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Alphabet Writing Challenge: C is For Celebration

It’s a shame that I chose such an upbeat title for todays entry and that it took me so long! Literally wracking my mind trying to think of an occasion where a character of mine celebrates in a boisterous and loud fashion. This is certainly revealed to me that not many of my characters ever exhibit such behaviour (which means I’m gonna have to write some parties in or something…) but instead celebrate personal victories internally. Nor do I have many grand celebrations in my books, there’s only one I can think of and I tried for ages to consider something else as the novel would be the same as entry A. In the end I gave up and decided to talk about the celebration that welcomes Philly to Enseonne.

I was glad I did this in the end as this is technically a religious celebration and I told it from the 1st person perspective of the Abstol (religious leader of the city). He is remembering the Abstol who came before him and died before seeing this great celebration that has renewed faith in the people that he had quietly been expecting.

Here’s a transcript:

“If only you had still been here to see it Brother, it would have completed you. I can only hope that you saw beyond the flames but I shall write this missive as a comfort to myself. It was as though the fires had reignited in the people the moment the bells began to ring. Whether they could recall the joy their forefathers had felt or they had been ignoring their faith is not for me to decide. The congregation were already celebrating. We created banners and cards to distribute to the people. When did this city fill with strangers? But the children couldn’t resist getting involved, even if they did not fully understand. To hear the crowds, cheering and celebrating the new age and rebirth, I wish you could have been there with me. The bells echoing off every wall, the streets filled with red and gold, with every eye turning to the sky to watch for a sign. Even those that looked up shyly or secretively, I saw them all glance in wait, a wait that we’ve all known for centuries. This celebration was a release from bondage they didn’t even know they’d been feeling. Who knows if those faces will grow familiar now, or if they ever will. But in that celebration, they understood my feelings” 


One thought on “Alphabet Writing Challenge: C is For Celebration

  1. I was thinking you should practise 1st person and here it is 🙂 You’ve got the feeling of gravitas down in this one. Reverence too. It’s actually a little hard to comment on these. I normally comment on structure, plot or characterization. With smaller snippets you have to do more with less. So its about the placement of individual words that should strike powerful chords.
    You do that with this one with the good use of the words “sign” and the last sentence is a strong one. Using “my” as a second to last word makes it very connective.

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