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Alphabet Challenge: Return of C!

So I decided to write my alphabet challenge in one of my favourite cafes today and managed to get so mixed up that I did another “C is for..” despite the fact that I’d already drawn a “D is for…”. Very strange but I’m actually quite happy with it for a multitude of reasons so I will post it anyway even though it gives the impression that I’m in the early stages of becoming senile!

So why am I happy with today’s writing challenge? Well, the word came to me basically without effort and I’ve had such a good day that I think it may have affected my writing in some way, making it better, faster and stronger (yes, Daft Punk reference ahoy!). This is actually from a teen fiction sci-fi story that I’ve not worked on in months and I think in part I stopped working on it was because I really needed to start writing in 1st person for it to work. I hate writing in 1st person, I can’t help but reflect my own thought patterns rather than how the character’s would surely go and this makes it a dramatic failure usually. My writing today would actually have been at the very end of the novel, where all the characters have pulled through their insane adventure and are deciding to split up and where they will go next. Brell is the speaker and is blessed (or cursed, depending on the situation) with an absolute photographic memory. He is speaking with Kyla, one of the few characters who has no exceptional talents.

Dialogue also made today’s challenge much shorter and quicker to write. I should do another one later as recompense!

Here is the transcript:

“I’ll remember everything about this moment until my eyes close forever. Her huge eyes, the sweep of black hair, that blank expression that never gives anything away. No tells at all, which means that I’ll never unconsciously learn everything about her. 
“I won’t be your sister”. She says finally
I pause, her voice also gives nothing away. 
“We’d have to be sibling uppers, easier paperwork. I won’t do it.”
Just like that. 
“You can’t got back to that place; we can live like they did, like they do. You’ve never experienced it, how effortless they make living.”
“Then I won’t miss it.” 
I have no answer and she never loses my eyes. 
“I’ll live with Cell, his project. He needs me.”
I’m surprised by my own disappointment, the plans I had made without even thinking. I nod and turn to go. 
“I’ll wait.” she says. 
I glance at her, trying to fathom what she means but she looks out at me as though it were obvious.
“I’ll wait, till we can be together and I don’t have to be your sister to do it.”


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: Return of C!

  1. Isn’t this character Brell? Cell and Brell as competitors for her heart? :-p the alphabet boys for the alphabet challenge. I do love how you write for Brell, you do very well with him and his perspective on things. Although this short makes him seem cute in his boyish naivety.

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