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Kayleigh Reviews It All: Barry M Magnetic And Crackle Nail Paint

Barry M Nail Varnish

Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint (not magnetised in this image) + Barry M Crackle Nail Paint = Awesome!

British Brand Barry M recentlty celebrated it’s 30th year as an affordable nail polish range that has set itself as one of the most popular brands for women of all ages. It was wonderful reading interviews wherein Barry Mero talks about how he started the make up brand and how he’s less focused on massive profit margins (seriously, what extra stuff do designer brands put into their nail polish to expect me to pay £25-£30?) and more on great colour and affordability. This is quite possibly why Barry M nail paint has been voted the bestt affordable nail varnish range by Cosmo several years in a row.

Not only is Barry M nail paint focused on being affordable, long lasting and instensly colourful, they are also are the forefront of innovative new designs. Last year Barry M was the first brand to bring out “crackle nail varnish”, a variety of nail varnish that contracts as it dries to reveal the nail paint below (see image). They also brought out a range of magnetic nail polishes this year, which has iron as part of the formula that can be activated by the magnet that comes with the polish. These come in a range of styles and I couldn’t resist getting my own to have my own experience of the Barry M “effects” range.

I purchased the blue Barry M magnetic nail paint and was first taken by how attractive the metallic colour was. Very easy to wear even if you didn’t intend to use the effects capabilities. Below is a video of how I applied and the effects that I achieved. I’d advise thick coats of the nail paint for the second coat as the greater the amount on my nail, the better the effect came across. Also ensure that you’re getting the magnet as close to your nail as possible, Barry M’s caps come with a helpful rest to help avoid planting the magnet straight into your wet polish.

I love these two Barry M nail paints and my crackle nail varnish gives excellent results for no hassle. I’m not the kind of person that fusses over make up and this black crackle nail varnish can be put over any other colour to create an amazing effect. For the first time I was having people stop me and ask where I got my nails done/ how I achieved the effect. It is ridiculously effortless and with a single polish you can create as many styles as you want! Both these Barry M nail paints come with my seal of approval!

For Barry M Products Click Here

Barry M Effects Nail Varnish Range


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