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Alphabet Challenge: D is For Desire

Oh god, I’m so sorry for the creepy nature of my writing entry today! Who would have guessed that I could turn Desire into something so awful! Maybe I’m one of those writers that’s just a bit twisted and I never noticed till now. Today I’m writing about one of my characters who suffered through an abusive relationship with an older man when she was a girl. These are the early stages of the relationship but this eventually culminates in her leaving home and moving in with him, losing all semblance of a life that is her own. I found this surprisingly easy to write but I’m not sure I got the tone quite right. I mean, it reads as very creepy to me and I didn’t want to go too far with the guy because he’s not a monster at this point. At this point he’s just an older man and as it’s from her persepctive, she can’t see that elements of this aren’t normal for a relationship.

I’ll write something nicer tomorrow!

Here’s the transcript:

“My face is so red right now I can actually feel it pulsing. I expect him to laugh at me but he’s still looking so intense and eager. Hungry almost.
“Don’t you feel sexy?” he asks with a cheeky grin and laughs when I put my head down a bit to hide.
“No, no, look at me.” he says playfully, turning my face up to his, “look at me then take off your bra.”
First thought is just a straight up no but then I feel like I’m just being a silly girl. I wish I could be cool and confident like the other girls he’s been with. Bet they had sexier underwear too. White sports bra. Yuck.
I’m feeling all mixed up as I steel myself to undo the clasp. I want to make him happy. He’s so nice to me and he wants it so badly. It’s good, this is what it is to be wanted. I smile at him and he grins in response. This is good, I’m enjoying this. I take off the bra and hide under my hair again. I feel silly and stupid but this weird sigh escapes his lips.
“Now you get to help me.”


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: D is For Desire

  1. This is the best one so far! And it feels horrible to say that because it’s so creepy and bad! It feels wrong to comment on anything about this. I mean, I don’t exactly want to judge the characterizations.
    You do very well by not describing him. It dehumanises him and what you don’t say implies his inhumanity,
    That’s all I got for this one.

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