Misadventures With Ear Stretching

New 3mm size for my current ear stretch

I have just recently gone up to a 3mm stretch on the second set of piercings in my ear lobes. This process was actually far easier than my initial gauging of 2mm, which is always nice. I had only had my 2mm in for a week and a half, when I was advised to leave two or three between each step, but circumstances inspired me to try for the next step and so far this has gone well!

I’d had my 2mm stretcher in for a week and a half when I realised that I was going to attend my regular ju jitsu lessons again for the first time. Considering that I’m currently doing my orange belt and get thrown around a lot, wearing plastic spikes that could easily get stabbed into my jaw seemed like a dumb move. I took them out for two hours whilst I attended, quietly worrying that my ears would heal over. When I got home I washed my hands and began the procedure again. Now I lubed up the first taper and inserted it into my ear. I felt resistance, though not as much as I’d experienced the first time and decided to push through when I started to feel something similar to pain. I put the o-rings on and turned to my other lobe. Not only did the second taper encounter little resistance, it glided through like butter. A terrible thought crossed my mind and I properly felt that first lobe again.

I’d forcibly inserted my taper into the wrong hole.

Two things occurred to me: number one was that my lower lobe piercings must have been larger than the higher ones as I didn’t feel nearly as much resistance as I had done when I started stretching the week before. Number two was that I needed to remove the taper quickly before I ended up stretching a lobe I didn’t want to stretch. 2mm is hardly dramatic but I was still shocked that I’d managed to do this.

Too bad the taper was stuck.

I now have such a greater understanding as how someone may cause a blow out. A blow out is an ear stretching term where the inside of the lobe kinda explodes out the back. You might be sat there wondering “how the hell can that even happen?” and now I understand why. Because I’d assumed this piercing had already been stretched, and it was considerably easier to stretch than the last, I had forced the taper in too fast. The fleshy tissue around this piercing had then clamped down around the taper. I couldn’t move it backwards or forwards without feeling this mass coiled around it like a sucker and started to panic. Luckily, I remembered the numerous recommendations I’d heard about how hot showers help loosen up the skin and leapt into one post haste. After a long soak and really grabbing onto as much of the lobe as I could, I managed to ease the taper back out.

And so I find myself in the usual position of being someone who accidentally started to stretch a piercing. What a moron…


One thought on “Misadventures With Ear Stretching

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