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Scheckter’s Organic Energy: Kayleigh Reviews It All

Click for the official Scheckter’s website and all the awards they’ve won!

I love energy drinks with that same unhealthy passion that many people my age do. I don’t want to think of them as a crutch but I don’t drink tea or coffee so if I’m dead tired and not functioning properly then I like to get the kick I need from an energy drink. And kick is right because some energy drinks out there are ridiculously over powered. I have yet to try the energy “shots” that are available and I’ve been strong advised against them seeing as some of the extreme cans can lead me to have extreme high energy to the point where I get emotionally distressed.

I’m also aware that I prefer to buy my products ethically and I’ve never really looked into where or how energy drinks are made. They’re created by the big fizzy drinks companies in part so I can assume the level of consideration that takes place there and it really bums me out. I decided to go to my local Holland and Barratt and see what sweet alternatives (if any) would be waiting for me.

I was shocked at the level of choice and soon found myself attracted to Scheckter’s Organic Energy and their upbeat name. I was also attracted by the Fair Trade logo they quite rightly show off and the other positive logos that announces clearly how responsible this company chooses to be. I grabbed a can and drank it… quickly! Below is a terrible video review of my experience. The drink is wonderful but the review is bad.

This is clearly not an informative video, unless you want to use it as an example for why you shouldn’t film near a fountain *head desk*. So what did I love most about Scheckters Organic Energy drink?

  • A seriously fruity taste that really lasts rather than a flash-pan of overwhelming flavour
  • Sparkling rather than fizzy, which was easier on the gut
  • I felt energised afterwards but it was a natural, not hyperactive kind of energy

It’s no surprise that I loved the flavour, which was quite berry-filled but with a bit of a sparkling tang to it. I’m not sure I got a “kick” like I would do from other energy drinks but I certainly felt more alert afterwards. I think the trick would be that this was a more natural high, so it was most likely slow building rather than an immediate effect. Overall I would certainly purchase more of Scheckter’s more ethical form of energy drink, even with the hefty price tag of £1.90 to do so. It really was delicious!


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