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Alphabet Challenge: F is For Familiar

Today’s alphabet challenge was seriously hard to type up whilst adhering to my personal decision that I must post up these challenges without any editing. Basically, I have to show you the rough work that I create when I’m just writing quickly to fill up a page. This was particularly tough today as my writing is even worse than usual but also because this entry revolves around a story idea I’ve had in a while and has really managed to inspire me to do some serious writing for it. This meant that typing up such a rough draft was nothing short of painful but I persevered!

So now I have a head full of ideas relating to this story, which is set in an entirely different world that has been taken over by the Sisters. They’re not necessarily portrayed as evil or even a problem, but they have all-encompassing power and I really enjoy writing them. I’m not sure the sheer level of power they wield came across in this however and worry that they could be mistaken for nuns!

Here’s the transcript:

“As we delved deeper in what can only be described as a tomb or a jail, Sister Wisdom became more anxious.

“It’s been so long since we opened this door.” She said to her siblings

“There is no mistake” replied Sister Passion, who glanced at me with a little remorse. I had been born in her fold only to leave but where were they taking me?

Only the final sister seemed unbothered as we went down, observing all as she did so.

We came upon a grand stone door, greater and mustier than anything I’d seen in our world. Intricate carving and gems, covered in ash and dist, decorated the door. I wiped at one until it shon and glistened red. The Sisters said nothing but I feared I had made an error so stepped back.

The three began to haul together, their dark, red and white heads moving as one in their coven as they pulled. There was only darkness inside at first, the double doors apparently hiding nothing within but then I saw such glittering that my heart leapt in my throat. Tiny gold objects, perfectly circular and mountains of them laid inside. I took a step forward, wanting to delve my hands amongst them and watch them shine. There were also gems as big as my fist. I noticed the Sisters were done with the door and gestured for me to walk inside. It was beautiful, more shine and sparkle that I’d ever seen before in my life, but they pointed to something slumped to the side.

A woman with shining hair, equal in beauty to the piles surrounding her. As I approached, I saw her beauty and the heavy chain around her waist. She looked at me and I knew she was a Sister.

I spun back around to the others but they had already found their way outside the doors again. They had even begun the task of closing them again.

“Wait” I cried, the walls around me now seeming dead and lifeless.

“You don’t belong to us, Son. Wealth is your mistress. Enjoy her delights and be at peace.”

With their strength, the door was quickly sealed again and a clouded darkness fell that was only dispersed by a low unseen light source.

I looked back to my mistress, wealth. Everything glistened with a perfection that I had craved my whole life. I sat beside her and ignored the traces of those who had knelt before.”

Today’s writing challenge took up a lot more space!


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: F is For Familiar

  1. It really would be nice to see this as a larger piece. I mean, I have no idea how you would weave a larger plot and more characters into this. But the symbolism involved and the simplicity linked to beauty and horror intertwined are a marvel.

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