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Alphabet Challenge: H is for Hunger

Not overly happy with this entry, just feel that it’s pretty weak. I wrote it in a pub, to be fair, whilst trying to have some kind of conversation with my friends so I suppose it’s understandable. Stupid social life getting in the way of decent writing. That said, this is my teen fiction novel so quality of writing is not so much an issue (yeah teenagers, I burned you). This story focuses on two girls who fall in love and both react badly when their parents start dating. It’s a nice story and one of the few really, really sweet relationships I’ve created. Of course, I don’t let you see that here!

Here’s the transcript!

“It’s dank, never imagined that digs could be so dank. It’s dank, dark. It’s also free. Sydney left an hour ago for uni, hate it when she’s gone and I don’t know who’s going to turn up. Living on their sofa isn’t so great when the stoners are looking for somewhere to crash. Can’t complain really, just tired of this lumpy sofa and being away from Dad and…

A thudding knock at the door, should I answer it?

That thudding is pretty insistent, the stoners are paranoid today. With a sigh, I move back the duna and trudge towards the door. 

I open it. It’s Leanne. It’s… Leanne. 

“Radka!” she cries, tears streaking her face and her chest heaving and panting. 

It’s Leanne. 

Her arms are around me and the door slams behind us. Her body feels the same, heaving and sobbing against me. She’s talking, I can hear her voice again. I cup her face in my hands, eye to eye. 

“You’re here.” I say numbly

“Of course I’m here!” She screams, “Where the fuck else could I be? This is where you choose to hide?”

I pull her close, feeling the arc of our bodies entwined again. She feels it too and her sobs reside. She grabs my waist and thrusts her lips against mine in passionate aggression. I don’t fight, don’t want to lose this connection with her for an instant. Want to know her again. Want to forget that I ran and left. Want to forget that our parents are dating and this can never be. 


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: H is for Hunger

  1. Perfect mental break down shown through sentence deconstruction. That’s my favourite part of this 🙂 Are you still allowed to call a relationship sweet when there is drama? I thought secondary characters were allowed to be sweet, not primary ones.

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