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Bear Nibbles: Kayleigh Reviews it All

I enjoy Bear Nibbles as a healthy addition to my office day. Working in an office, it’s pitifully easy to get adjusted to poor diet that consists of chocolate bars eaten without thought at the computer, easy microwave lunches and soft drinks to give a false kick when suffering through boredom. After a few months of this I began looking for healthy snacks that would give me a real boost throughout the day and discovered Bear Nibbles!

Bear is an independent company set up to offer great tasting snacks that are also made with 100% real fruit. They don’t airship any of their deliveries, reducing their carbon footprint considerably and don’t add anything to the mix. Reading their list of ingredients is an absolute delight for those of you that hate processed food!

You can get Bear nibbles in two different forms:

  1. Yo Yos: Currently available on their site in Apple, Pineapple, Peach, Raspberry and Blueberry, these are coils of fuit strips that come in packs of two.
  2. Bear Nibbles: Dried fruit yummies in a bag, available in Cherry Berry and Mango Pineapple.

I prefer the Yo Yo’s personally, they’re full of flavour and don’t even require hands to eat them! The only downside is that I often find they’d much rather tear off than unwind, leading me to give up and put the whole amount in my mouth at once. The raspberry flavour in particular is very enjoyable to eat and the apple and pineapple flavours are new additions that I’ve not yet had the pleasure of trying! The Bear nibbles are also very good in terms of snack foods, though the dry nature makes them less flavoursome. In both cases, these snacks count as one of your five a day.

I don’t want to generalise but I sense that the Yo Yo’s are more aimed towards lunch boxes for kids. What gave me this impression? Well, possibly it’s the coloured cards that end up inside every pack. I’m not ashamed to say I have started to look forward to opening my Bear Yo Yo’s and discover which new character I’ll find today. They’ve recently started an olympic themed batch and you can get a poster to post all your cards on if you send ten barcodes from Bear packets to their address. I’m seriously tempted….

Another discovery I made was that Bear is associated with the Forestry commission and Go Ape! Two groups that I’m already a fan of and I was especially pleased to see that the Bear website advertises bike treks, walks and events in association with the Forestry commission. A company that clearly prides itself in offering healthy food and promoting a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to continue eating these delicious snacks everyday!


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