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Motivational Literature Poster!

I love motivational posters and also love the silly but cute literature things that I find on the internet. There are so many clever people out their that manage to make a discussion about literature witty and can really compact a meaningful message into so small an area. I also love typography and fonts, so the idea of literature posters with fascinating quotes, great fonts and on the topic of reading is just too much in one place for me to enjoy!

I also spend a lot of time coming up with things to put on t shirts. A lot of the time it’s just throw away comments that make me laugh and I wish that I could put them on a t shirt. Yesterday I saw someone put “keepin’ it real” in a Twitter status and my immediate thought was that it seems like such a waste keeping things real when I’d rather be in a fictional world! This resulted in me going home and making a poster to put up on my wall. It took me all evening but I’m insanely happy with it and hope that people don’t mind my skipping my writing challenge today in order to bring you this!

A motivational poster for writers!


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