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Alphabet Challenge: J is For Jester

Doing a bit of a catch up and this is my complete failure to write something that could be funny. I really tried to create a bit of comedy in my writing challenge today but it ended up getting a bit creepy and then I kinda bailed out. Still, always good to try new things! Todays writing challenge was suggested by my friend Brett and the character is ever-so-slightly based on him. I find it very challenging to write characters that don’t behave in a way I expect people to generally, another good way to challenge myself!

Here’s the transcript:

“I hear you’re the funny one” I say as a way of introduction.

“Well, that all depends on what you mean by funny.” Arron replies with a smirk.

“Really, they were telling all the new temps that you were a riot.” I saw, crossing my arms in consideration. 

“Well, I can tell a good joke, my timing is excellent and I know every dirty limerick under the sun.”


“I have a quick wit and can roast people without being hated afterwards.”


“But best of all, I can waste the time of a new temp who’s desperate to feel me out”

His grin lights up his whole face.

“You’re not that funny.” I grump, turning to go.

“Not to you. But I’m very charming and funny to the CEO’s and their board members. Also all of the lackies for good measure. Everyone in the company thinks of me when they want a laugh. They want a laugh when the company is in shambles and they just want someone to talk to. People forget I’m there. I’m not taken seriously at work but on the plus side, I’m not taken seriously by anyone in this company. I’m not a threat, I’m left to my own devices and I make people laugh.”

“Why tell me all that? You not worried I’ll let out your secret?”

He laughs, even I have to admit it’s weirdly infectious and a smile cracks through.  

“That’s the best part! If you tell anyone, they’ll immediately inform you that I was joking!”


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