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Alphabet Challenge: K is for Knight

My friend Tom came up with the idea of K being for Knight, which is good because my mind had gone completely blank other than “Knife”, “Kiss” and “Kill”. None of these seemed interesting to me but I still underestimated how difficult I would find “Knight”. This has become a dramatic monologue, which it wasn’t intended to be initially and that probably shows. It also contains some terribly cliche looks at how the ancient world used to work and I’m not overly happy with how I present a tired, honourable man who has become dissatisfied with the world. Still, it was interesting writing a period piece and I loved writing the title in a font I found that is based on Sanskrit. I love Sanskrit!

Here’s the transcript:

In my land, it is difficult to be honourable. Filled with wretches that would give anything for a taste of happiness or something similar. When you first join the ranks, a hot head is most certainly a way to get yourself hurt. 

“Unhand her!”

“What’s your problem? Not hurting anyone. She’s just playing for your eyes. Little slut.”

Then there’d be the fight and things would be exactly the same tomorrow. Her life would be the same and I wouldn’t be able to stop the next time. Better she understands the curse of her sex. 

Over the years you take orders and it’s wonderful when you can step in for the people but such interventions are rare. More likely you’ll be sent to some outpost, protect some important stock, some wealthy members of a family. Escort those who are deemed valuable and ensure that their children remember the reward fo loyalty. 

Keep belief to yourself, we aren’t here for conversation and can do our jobs considerably better when we aren’t trying to endear ourselves to anyone, particularly the common man. 

Take what they offer, you have no skill set that suits much other than a marauder and when you’ve been praised for protective the people, it’s hard to join their ranks no matter what freedom you gain. 

Work hard, keep your head down and forget how much they may look like your sisters and brothers. Empty yourself like a vessel and find a woman when you’re done, if you can, who will attempt to fill it for you again. 

Save all you make and don’t overuse the gifts people may want to offer. They often have hidden costs. 

More than anything boy, don’t lose yourself in your weapon. You’ll never find your way out. Win by staying human. 


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: K is for Knight

  1. It is a bit confusing on the mentality and ethics of it all. In many historical time periods it would be the mens rights to take the women, or for the powerful to own the weak. It also seems odd that he states they must stay human but ignore the people who need protecting. That they should empty themselves yet not become a weapon. I don’t know if you intended the old disillusioned man to sound like he is making up justifications for actions he has already taken. But that is how I read it. Like he tried to be a saviour… Then he tried to be empty… now he just tries to survive.

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