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Alphabet Challenge: L is for Lush

Children’s perspectives are TOUGH to write! First time in an age I’ve tried to write for a young person and I clearly slipped a few times with my choice of vocabulary but I don’t think I did too badly. This is also the first writing challenge where I started out with a clear idea relating to the word I’d chosen and ended up somewhere else entirely. If you don’t know how this story possibly relates to the word “lush” then you’re not the only one! I promise the idea I had initially would have made more sense in that regard but I suppose I don’t have as much control over my stories as I think I do. Regardless, it’s taken me a while to do this one and I’ve decided to return to my more long-standing novels for the next few exercises as trying to create stories on the fly is proving to give less impressive results.

Here’s the transcript:

“Our Kingdom isn’t for outsiders.” Elenore warned with a grim expression on her face.

“This is public property, Dad says you don’t own it.” Steven replied with heat in his face. This was already harder than he had anticipated.

“Well, even if we don’t own it, YOU’RE not allowed in.” She replied easily, “Unless you want to fight.”

She didn’t mean just her and anyway, Elenore did the worst friction burns and in the worst places. Steve balled his hands into a fist.

“Let me i-in” he whined, wincing at how he sounded.

Elenore looked at him, on the grassy verge beneath the cliffs. It was fun having their kingdom, and not just because of what they could do there.

“We’ll have to make a test.” she said thoughtfully, “Wait here.”

She scrambled back over the rocks and soon Steven couldn’t see her any more. Left with only the sounds of the tide for company, Steven dared to think about simply following her. He would be able to catch up in no time and then maybe he’d at least be able to see the Kingdom.

Not thinking, he started to frantically climb. The rocks along the coast were rough and scrabbly but also wet in places. Elenore had known the route and soon Steven’s knees were thoroughly skinned. He could see a big cove coming up and felt sure he’d find the Kingdom there.

Rounding the cliff face, he saw a huge pool of water collected from the high tide. It was beautifully clear but it was far too cold to be tempting right now. Elenore’s head could be seen further round, she was knelt down in conversation. When Steven got close he saw that it was with a teddy bear.

“Where are the others?” he asked.

Elenore rounded on his immediately, her face turning red.

“You can’t be here!” She shouted “This is our place! Go away!”

The teddy bear was old and bedraggled, no one else was there. Confused to the point of flummoxed, Steven left, feeling that something had gone wrong in his plan.


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: L is for Lush

  1. So either make believe game taken too seriously, or a very disturbing teddy… If this was under H for Horror I would have expected the Teddy to suddenly say “This is our place, now you will never leave.”

    You did quite good with the kids. Petulant and opinionated. That’s them 🙂

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