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Alphabet Challenge: M is for Madness

Somewhat cliché but this was instant inspiration and I really enjoyed writing this piece. Once again I chose to write an excerpt from one of my novels but this one is riiiiight at the end, pretty much just before the conclusion (of sorts). This piece doesn’t really go into the “madness” very much as I abruptly seemed to be running out of space (happens to me pretty much every time I write my challenges now, I really like it!). The background is that this is set in Celtic Europe before the rise of Rome. A woman rises from the dead in England and forces a young man to trek with her to Rome because she is cursed by visions of her people dying at the hands of the Romans. The Celts lead an attack and manage to sack Rome (this really happened, the way way) and now the Romans are offering masses of gold for them to stop their siege.

Here’s the transcript:

“You aren’t considering it.” She said with an air of finality. 

“I certainly am considering it.” Olier immediately retorted. 

“You’ve almost destroyed them. You have to deliver the final blow otherwise they’ll return. Stronger.”

“They know who they’ve reckoned with now.” Olier waved away her comment with a hand, “Seil has even had a bright idea about providing out own weights, get even ore gold out of these Roman fools. 

“You could have every ounce of their gold if you would just finish this task.” Brier replied grimly.

“Aye, by executing them all?” 

“Yes. The woman. The children. The babes. It’s the only way to be sure.”

“Safety from your visions.”

At his tone, Brier’s hand flew and raked across his face. Narrowly missing his eye, her rough nails left four immediate trenches that began to bleed.”

“If i could give them to you.” She hissed, his face catatonic with shock. “If you could see what suffering our people will ensure, the death, the slavery and rape. If I could give them to you Olier then perhaps you’d regard our future with more care and less focused on your gain.”

Seeming to wake from his daze. Olier gripped Brier’s arms with ferocity. She didn’t flinch.

“You damn woman,” he growled, “How far have you trapped me by your side? How long am I to be your servant and husband when you have no claim to me? Send all the bad luck upon me you please. I would stomach is fasting than living at your whim for a moment more.”

Throwing his cloak on again, Olier trudged out into the night. His heart set and unmovable. 

The wolf behind her eyes yawned wide, wider than ever before. The raven was instantly caught between its jaws, she’d seen so many times before by now the jaws began to tighten. Grasping at her own throat, Brier stumbled to the floor. She felt the future of her people crushed in the jaws of an empire hungry for blood. 

She had failed. She would allow herself a moment of despair but after that it would have to end. Before her visions ripped out her last trace of humanity. “


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: M is for Madness

  1. This story has a sense of inevitability in it. The characters clashing is the whole story really, at least in the small scale stuff. So I can’t help but think it should be bigger.

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