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Alphabet Challenge: N is For New

Something different today! Which meant that my choice of N (which was made before I decided to do something other than prose) was exceptionally well thought out! I don’t just write prose, I’ve also recently started experimenting with plays and other scripts, though I doubt I’d ever wander into poetry again now that my degree is over and done with (shudder). Today I chose to write part of my script that deals with a disease epidemic that closely resembles “zombie” symptoms. It’s very much a part of the current zombie fad but I wanted to focus on the hysteria that has formed recently from anything that can even remotely be linked to the zombie apocalypse. People who think about it are not prepared, instead they seem to be a part of this world wide (at least in the West) hysteria about it. Not that I hate this fad, I’m very much a part of it, I just don’t think a zombie virus would even need to reach UK shores to destroy our world. Our reaction to its existence would be enough.

Here’s a Transcript

[Female Scientist is walking down a corridor, wearing a white lab boat and protective glasses. She is removing the glasses. Behind her a young man hurries to catch up]

Man: For God’s sake, be reasonable

Scientist: I will not make the announcement until the scientists there have double checked the figures. 

Man: Think of how it’ll help how people are feeling

[Passing through a door]

Scientist: And if it turns out to be wrong? They’re doing the best they can but their equipment needs to be upgraded. 

Man: The UN has sent-

Scientist: [Interrupting] I know! Regardless, the finding has to be confirmed by a secondary body

Man: Whilst we’re sitting on our hands a hundred new theories and fears will jump up. 

Scientist: If it it’s wrong their trust in us will be destroyed. 

[Female Scientist fills out some paperwork against a wall]

Man: The people need answers

Scientist: And we need samples but neither are coming yet. 

Man: Why are you signing out?

Scientist: Because I’m going home. 

Man: You’re not serious. We have a global crisis on our hands. 

[They leave the building through large doors, walking towards a car park]

Scientist: In all honesty we have no evidence that this is a global epidemic yet. 

Man: There are cases in-!

Scientist: None confirmed and the media are ramping up the “zombie” symptoms so much we’ll soon all seem like carriers. 

[Approaching a car]

Man: We have to keep a unified front. If you don’t make the announcement then I will. 

Scientist: Let’s not pretend that you weren’t brought in to throw your weight around. Do as you want. Contact me when you have something for me to do besides media spinning. 


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: N is For New

  1. I do like the “This is my job, going home now.” Angle. Of course it raises ideas that the geeks normally ponder over. Like whether if you could harness zombies you could have immortal slave labour without too many ethical ramifications… okay without too many OLD ethical ramifications. I’m sure new ones would pop up soon enough.

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