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Alphabet Challenge: O is for Ordained

I gave myself a tough word this time around, which is why this challenge took me so long to do! I had the perfect idea in my head when I chose the word and then promptly forgot about it and panicked a bit. Now I have a very rough idea and I only stopped writing because I was running out of space (happens to me more and more often now, which I’m really happy about!). Much thanks to my friend Reanne who a certain character is based off and who helped to inspire the whole piece. Also, my character’s name came entirely from a written typo, I hope that doesn’t show too much.

Here’s the transcript:

Eladaro loved words, which was convenient as the job he fulfilled was focused on them entirely. His father had not loved them and so he had found the job taxing but Eladaro would have happily shut himself up in the library until the end of time. His business was to find the secret messages contained within the texts, which would predict anything from a change in season to the death of a king. This last part interested the king greatly and Eladaro’s family were paid well regardless of how many of his predictions came to fruition. 

One night, mulling over the books by candle light when he should have been sleeping, Eladaro’s reading was disrupted in the strangest of ways. A white wolf pup crashed through the window, a wild cat attacking its flank. Finally the white wolf managed to frighten the feline away and stared at Eladaro with haunting blue eyes. Almost immediately, Eladaro was struck not by how strange the situation was but how familiar. He had already begun to  sift through his father’s predictions when she also entered through the window. 

She was utterly wild, blonde hair hanging in clumps around her face. Her expression was hungry, as through it knew nothing else but Eladaro didn’t think she wanted food. She was totally naked, though so caked in dirt and undergrowth that it perhaps made sense that she showed so little embarrassment. Her eyes matched those of the cub and she cocked her head at it. Immediately the white wolf padded to her ankles like she was its master. 

“Wait!” Eladaro cried, pulling out sheets of paper. 

Her head cocked towards him now with intense attention if not actual interest. 

“That pup was ordained by my father! Here! “On the second moon the white wolf will be raised amongst the people to keep evil from the door”! It’s so specific that no one paid it any attention but clearly we must have that cub!”

Though the expression never changed, a glint of dangerous humous passed over her eyes. Now she picked up the cub and walked out of the library, each stride daring Eladaro to follow. 


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: O is for Ordained

  1. Elandro? As the spelt wrong name? 😛

    I like the simplicity in this one, although I think the left field nature of the ending dulls the impact of the dare the wild woman is imparting on Eladro.

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