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Alphabet Challenge: P is for Phantom

Today’s writing challenge is actually inspired by a story that a friend is currently writing. I hope she doesn’t mind the temporary theft of her characters and I enjoyed writing a dramatic monologue about them, even if I think my child’s voice still needs work. I’m also starting to run out of ideas for header texts but that’s a problem for another day! Overall, I’m quite happy with this piece and hope that is conveys the strange nature of the situation this young girl finds herself in.

Here’s the transcript:

“Please don’t think I don’t love where we live, Daddy. It’s so pretty and perfect with all these comfortable chairs and carpets that you love to watch me curl up on. We eat such beautiful food on delicate porcelain that I’m always scared of breaking but sometimes it looks like there are chips in them anyway. And sometimes there are rips and tears in the furniture and sometimes our home starts to look dirty but you look so sad if I say anything that I don’t anymore. I don’t want to see you sad and sometimes you get so sad that you go away. You always come back and our home looks beautiful again when you return but you look so upset. I wish you didn’t have to go, though every time you come back you bring beautiful things for me to play with and don’t even yell if I get confused about how to play with them. So I forget that sometimes the wallpaper looks like cold, grey stone and our thick colourful rugs feel like stones and I’ll even forget the little creatures that sometimes creep around the corners of our home. I won’t even scream. 

I Just dont want you to go away anymore. It makes you sad. “


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