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Alphabet Challenge: R is for Retribution

Writing Challenge RToday is an experiment with dialogue, which is why that’s all there is. I’m not sure if everything gets conveyed properly but I remember that the one thing I really hated about Harry Potter, even as a child, was how J K Rowling always seemed to use “said” when referring to speech. I’d rather see if I can create a scene without using any dialogue at all rather than reusing that word over and over again. Not even sure how much could be delivered with this scene. Hope it sets the story up right, can’t help but worry that the beginning and ending conflict somewhat.

Here’s the transcript:

“They won’t come for me. Not Now”

“Yes they will.”

“I’m too much of an embarrassment  and a liability to hunt down. They honoured me too much when I worked for those in power and turned away too quickly.”

“That may have been the case then but they’re coming for us because of me.”

“Punishing the father for the acts of the son, eh? But I’m leaving the home I’ve set up. All those that come to me for advice.”

“They will find you again!”

“Do you know why I left the city, after your brothers died?” 

“I assumed that was reason enough.”

“They fought for the empire and died in machines that I had created thinking they would save others. Afterwards, in my time of grief, they came pawing at my door asking for more vehicles, more weapons, more firepower to kill more young men. My heart wept at the thought but as I argued they began to threaten. Their lust for my machines and they victory they brought was too great. I finally saw the true nature of the empire. So I fled as best I could with my loyal engineering brothers. I have waited for their retribution ever since. The only surprise is that they waited for you to give them an excuse”


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: R is for Retribution

  1. Interesting attempt to use only dialogue. But it certainly shows that I enjoy described implications more then strict spoken words. Maybe it’s only more obvious in a short story where the reader has zero knowledge of back-story and characterizations and thus has to really try to find depth and emotion in the words.

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