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Alphabet Challenge: S is for Seconds

Alphabet Challenge SThis is a strange piece, even by my standards. This is intended to be the opening to a strange story in which a man exists during the big crunch. The big crunch theory states that when the universe reaches the limits of it’s size, it may start reversing in on itself. I’ve hypothesised that that may involve the literal reversal of time as well as space, a fact that only my main character is aware of. To everyone else, life is as it has always been and only he knows that we’ve done it all before.

Here is the transcript:

“Life returns with a bolt, though it’s monochrome and cold. The stereotypical white corridor of light begins to fade and I become painfully aware of the haunting pain in my chest. My mind fiddles with what’s happening, as I exert my lungs uselessly. This is wrong. The bathroom floor slowly twists into colour, though my head still screams in agony. My bathroom, what a way to go. Whilst the weight on my chest relentlessly pounds in my head, I slowly work out how to breath again. It’s strange, reverse somehow.

The scream in my torso peaks and suddenly abates. I can think for a moment, a moment long enough to really panic about the heart attack I’m having – had – in the floor of my apartment. A boom, large enough to make me scream but instead the sound seems to be burrowing its way into my throat. A series of panting and another boom. My feet flip out from underneath me and my body lurches into a standing position. I gasp and whimper, though I’m more appalled by the state of the man looking back at me through the mirror. The panic now has nothing to do with the pain.

Why am I doing this again? And why, for goodness sake, is it happening in reverse?”


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: S is for Seconds

  1. An interesting premise, although slightly cocky to say that *you* hypothesised the reversal of time when we both know its been done multiple times in other genres already :-p

    The idea of the person living their own life backwards would be a complicated one… would he be forced to relive his own choices backwards too. Thus having no control of his body… or would he have the ability to change things, but only while acting in reverse and all the implications this has? A full story would be interesting, yet tricky.

    The story itself is nice and would function easily as a teaser or prologue. You also write well in the male mindset. (just had to double check you had written it was a man, you know what I’m like with speed reading. But the whole tone of the piece feels masculine anyway.)

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