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Alphabet Challenge: T is For Tiny

I love science fiction but it’s hard to deny that there have been some crazy ridiculous stories to come out of the genre. Then again, my whole last entry was about time flowing backwards! Regardless, this piece is kinda poking fun at science fiction tales from the pulp era and how crazy ol’ technology can create such a mess of things, with hilarious results!

Here’s the transcript:

Clenching his fists and ignoring the uncomfortable amount of sweat, Mr Lynch moved towards the imposing desk

“What’s happened that is so important you had to come here, Dr?” The President asked, looking over the files with a slow boredom. 

“M-Mr President. You are aware of the aims of our research facility?”

“The shrink ray?”

Lynch winced at such a name.

“Technically correct. We’ve been very enthusiastic with the practical uses for me.”

“The point please, Dr.”

“Uh,” Lynch stumbled in his explanation “well, our latest test attempted to shrink a cuboid by a fraction of a centimetre. Unfortunately there was an unexpected amount of energy and… an unanticipated result.”

“Which is?” The President glanced over the paper work for a moment longer. 

“Judging by star charts compared to before and after this event. We have inadvertently shrunk the entirety of our solar system.” 

This got his attention. 

“To how small?”

“The Earth is now about 6 inches in size, relative to sizes before the event.”

The president took in a deep, whooping breath and began to change colour. 

“6 inches!”

“In relative size we should all be microscopic, it’s amazing all of us at the labs that nothing appears to have changed.”

“Damnit man! I can’t be the president that shrunk the Earth!”

“Size is relative, Sir.” Lynch tried desperately.

“If you’d made everyone 6 feet taller they would have loved it! It wouldn’t matter! But you’ve made us…. insignificant!”

“With all due respect sir, I’ve made us small. And whilst we all may be microscopic dancers on the head of a pin, at least everything is still in perspective.”


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: T is For Tiny

  1. A very amusing little story that handles dialogue perfectly. In comparison you tried to do a pure dialogue story a few letters back and it just felt off. This one has hardly any description, but what you do have is used perfectly to set up the characters and add to the situation to make the dialogue that much more meaningful.

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