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Alphabet Challenge: V is For Vital

I’m not very good at time periods I think. I mean, I wrote today’s writing challenge with this very specific vintage location set in the 1920’s in America and yet I’ve not really added anything that suggest that. Ah well, something I clearly need to work on a bit harder!

I’m also nearly at the end of the alphabet! Which means that my writing challenge is almost complete and I either need to come up with a new challenge idea or focus on my many unfinished novels. Any suggestions?

Here’s a transcript of what v is for:

“When she opened her mouth, Cerise knew she was irritable. It no longer mattered that her hair was flat no matter what magic Eleanor attempted. It didn’t matter that her eyes were a dull grey that even the most talented poet would struggle with. When she sang, she filled the room with her voice and silenced even the most avid chi-chatters in the club. With the roaring and smoking atmosphere, the spotlight meant she couldn’t notice the men sitting with their mouths agape. Her voice warbled with sincerity, calling out for the loss of a loved one. As the number rose, lifting her voice high enough to illicit tears from some of those who were quite unprepared for the emotional impact of her music, Cerise thought of Allen and sang harder. 

The awed silence that came before the rush of applause said it all and Cerise took her time to smile and wave at the powerful men who were now baying for her attention. That now bodyguard they’d hired for her would be working over time tonight. She waltzed off the stage and allowed herself to kick off the shoes the moment her dressing room door was closed. The relief was as loud as a scream. 

“Now for this dress.” She muttered. 

“I wouldn’t.”

“Stan!” Celise hissed, shielding her flimsy dress with her arms. “You can’t be here, what if someone sees us talking?”

The man standing outside the window glanced around at her warning.

“The situation has changed, you need to move soon.”

“I can’t, I haven’t learned enough.”

“Then you’d better start, make yourself vital or Allen is lost.” 


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: V is For Vital

  1. “That now bodyguard they’d hired for her would be working over time tonight.”
    I assume it should be “new bodyguard”?

    To be fair, not that many places have singers now, so while the era might not be specific. it is implied to be more old school.

    You describe the music and the impact it has on the listeners really well!

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