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Alphabet Challenge: W is For Words

I attempted something humerous today and, as usual, it’s impossible for me to gauge how well it turned out. I also think I lost interest in the plot quite early due to my being unable to do anything more interesting with it, so it’s ended up being a bit of a set piece. That said, I do like the inherant idea and my friend who reads my work said that she enjoyed the concept. Perhaps I’ll be able to mess around with more set pieces like this one, I feel that this psychologist could become far more interesting.

Here’s a transcript:

“Yours is something of a unique case.” I admit, taking down more notes out of habit more than anything else. The patients find it strangely enjoyable when I’m taking a lot of notes, as though that makes them extra interesting.
“I know it’s rediculous, reacting to my own name in that way.” The patient shifts uncomortably on the couch, which is far too large for him and may be making him feel unsettled.
“Perhaps it’s because you felt that your unusual name was the perfect riddle. You weren’t ashamed of your name so much as being outsmarted.”
He flinches and I worry I’ve been too probing. I should be letting him come to his own conclusions.
“I didn’t even want the kid.” he sighs suddenly.
I don’t say anything to that, allowing him to continue.
“I just like feeling powerful, like it was the one thing my name was helpful with.:
“So, how did she work it out?”
“Apparently some woodcutter heard me singing it when I was a bit tipsy on the fairy juice.”
The next silence is certainly awkward.
“I guess it was a way for me to get out of it. Like I wanted to be found out. Such a stupid name…”


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