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Alphabet Challenge: X is For Xerosis

This one oh-so-nearly went down the horror route! Another time though. I always worry about the fact that my characters share my method of thinking. I don’t know how writers manage to create charcaters that don’t have the same sort of thinking process as themselves. Something I clearly need to work on! So very nearly at the end of my writing challenge now! Only two more entries left to go and I suppose after that I should try to focus more on my novels and getting some clear headway with them. How I’ll turn those into anything of interest to blog is anyone’s guess but I do enjoy a challenge!

Also, on a side note, yes I did have to find this word in the dictionary but I damn well wasn’t going to use xylophone. Ever since I saw a stand up comedian make jokes about how xylophone’s main use is to be the only X word we can teach children I decided to go with something else, turned out to be seriously tough!

Here’s the transcript:

“My condition wasn’t so bad at first, back when I could still go to school. They sat me in the corner away from everyone else and sometimes the teachers would accidentally steal a peek at me and hold in a wince, but I was allowed to be there. Then it got worse, They started vaccuuming under my seat at lunch time to collect the shiny flecks of skin. Eventually the children couldn’t be encouraged to look fowards and I was asked to not come back. My tutor was ok, but I missed being around other children. I hoped that would be the end of it but I continued to get worse. Huge, dry flakes would fall off me at every movement, keeping me indoors. My parents worried and the doctors made grim plans as I continued to shed. I was a centrefor dryness and every touch and movement dislodged more. Ready for the next layer underneath. I’m like a shark, but with more skin. I just waited, testing my skin each morning.

Now I’m the event horizon for water, moisture doesn’t understand my skin anymore and I’ve long since stopped seeing doctors or my parents.

Every morning I check.

I check for my scales.”


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: X is For Xerosis

  1. You do manage to get characters with different drives and being mysterious can cover a lot. But maybe your next challenge should be to write a series of short stories about different characters and their characterizations?

    But I would like to see some of your stories worked on more. You could always just post pieces that show of each main character in the story?

    My first word of choice for “x” would probably be Xeno-phobic. Second Xerox.

    I still have no idea what your X word is for… even with the scales ending. Which was equally shocking and scary.

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