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Diamond Dove by Adrian Hyland: South West Reading Passport

Diamond Dove by Adrian HylandChecking out Diamond Dove by Adrian Hyland is the Australasia entry to my South West Reading Passport and, whilst the book was quite enjoyable, I don’t feel it’s the best example of writing inspired by Aborigine culture. Not that the book was even trying to do that! A murder mystery within the Aboriginal community, Emily Tempest has returned from her journeys to her homeland at the worst possible time. The murderer seems obvious at first but Emily soon has doubts and begins her own investigations into whether a terrible act has been committed for personal gain.

A light murder mystery novel, I wouldn’t even class Diamond Dove as a thriller because Emily does continue on with her life. In that sense it’s far more realistic but a less intense read. Emily is an interesting character though I did notice that she doesn’t have any flaws, though other characters seem to have a lot to say about her being unlucky.

Below is my video review for Diamond Dove:

Diamond Dove was an enjoyable read that is also a bit shallow. I do love Aboriginal Fiction but I’d recommend other books for those that are interested in reading fiction about this unique culture. I have reviewed amazing stories such as “Rabbit Proof Fence” and “Kadaitcha Sung” as well as biographies like “Maybe Tomorrow” and think they are better examples of Aboriginal culture.

Next in my South West Reading Passport is Europe! I’m reading The Glass Books of the Dreamer Eaters by G W Dahlquist, which funtions as a door stop as well as a book! Hopefully I’ll enjoy it and won’t get too lost in its massive size!


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