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Alphabet Challenge: Y is For Young

Some good old fashioned romance. I’ve written about this couple before at the worst point of their relationship and now I thought I’d take a look at the early stages, filled with bliss and the new feeling of love. Writing about teenagers in love is really quite enjoyable, it reminds me how anxious I used to be but also how much I used to let go. Teenagers can love for all the wrong reasons, competitively, to not be alone, to have sex, but they can also love in a way that can almost seem alien as you get older. That first flush of true love always stays with us, perfect and forever rose tinted. I guess I was trying to capture that today.

Here’s the transcript:

I love stroking her skin, rubbing my thumb against every hair folicle. Once I did it when she had goosebumps and pretended her skin was trying to communicate in braille. I almost didn’t tell her but when I did she laughed and laughed so much I felt proud. I’m so silly, too silly for her. Yet here I am with my face resting against her bra, our bodies humming alongside one another.
“This is so nice.” I say outloud.
A moment’s pause before her chest reverberates with the “Mmmm” response.
The sunlight finds its way through her curtains and I can see dust floating in the light. I feel so centred, so right. Radka strokes my hair with one hand whilst the other slips around my waist. My skirt gapes a little at the back so she caresses my lower spine until I shiver.
“Sorry” She wispers into my hair, a sleepy note to her voice.
“It was nice.” I whisper back.
“Thought it must have tickled.”
I move onto my elbow and look down at her. She rouses a little and smiles into my eyes. She looks so happy I could melt.
“I love you Radka.” I say before I can lump the words down like I usually do.
I expect her eyes to widen, I expect shock, I expect a nervous backpedal and maybe for her to ask me to leave.
Her smile broadens and she pulls me down so we’re hip to hip. Her arms around my body and her hands resting on my back. She still looks sleepy, almost blissful.
“I love you too, Leanne.” She whispers.


One thought on “Alphabet Challenge: Y is For Young

  1. I like that you chose a simple sort of young love and not a dramatic one. Simple is more intimate.

    The physical description of of forcing down words is a good one and is better then just writing down clinically that the character tried to stop the words. I’ve always thought that readers can connect more easily with characters when emotions are shown physically and not just told.

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