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Book Book iPhone 4 Case Review

How many iPhone cases look this at home on an antique writing desk?

The moment I saw the Book Book iPhone case on, it was quite simply love at first sight. As a serious bibliophile, anything that looks like a classic leather bound book (including actualleather bound books) makes me feel very happy deep down inside. I was looking for a new case for my iPhone 4 as I quickly realised the the chunky one I had previously purchased meant I couldn’t plus in an aux jack, which I needed to use my iPhone in my car. I immediately ordered the Book Book case without a second thought, blamed entirely on this sudden bibliophilic lust, and quickly began to worry that I’d made a mistake with such a large purchase that I hadn’t really thought about. £50 is a lot of money to spend on an iPhone case, no matter how gorgeous it looks online and I started to grow concerned about whether any phone accessory could be worth such a big spend. As I waited for the delivery, I tried not to get my hopes up too much about the material, the quality and the overall appearance of the iPhone 4 case. In hindsight, I really didn’t need to!

The outside of this Book Book case is beautiful!

The moment I got my new Book Book iPhone 4 case out of it’s packaging, I was stunned by how beautiful and supple the leather (yes, real leather) felt in my hands. Each case has been distressed to give it a unique appearance without causing damage to the overall design. The binding looks exactly like a book and is completely perfect. The raised bindings and embossed “Book Book” means that it is almost always mistaken for the real thing. I have been walking along a few times, texting people or whatnot and realised that I look like I’m craning over a small, classic book. This is awesome! It’s also perfectly hand-held and fits comfortably, just like a real book! But the outside is only half of the amazing design of this Book Book iPhone 4 case.

Shown with ID, debit card and credit card inside

Inside my new Book Book case, there is a leather frame for the iPhone, which also comes with a leather tab to safely secure your phone inside. The great thing about this is that the red tab looks exactly like a book mark, keeping in with the aesthetic of the Book Book case. Not only that but the inside of the case also has two pockets for cards plus a clear card holder for for ID and a pocket behind all of them that is perfect for notes. This essentially makes this iPhone case a wallet capable of holding your most important cards and your money, incredibly versatile as well as beautifully attractive. The only downside is that there is no space for the camera, meaning that you must manually remove your iPhone every time you want to snap a pic. This is a pretty serious downside if you want to protect your precious phone or if you’re as butter finger-ed as I am. For £50 though, this is an amazing accessory and Book Book also offer a zip up iPad case for bibliophiles that want all of their gadgets to look like beautifully bound books. If you’re addicted to reading, practical design and the smell of leather, then there’s no better purchase!


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