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Australian Chocolate Review: Pods And Cadbury Top Deck

Cybercandy ProductsWhen I was in Australia the range of sweets and chocolates, many of which I’d never seen in the UK, really blew me away! When a friend of mine from Oz offered to bring me over a load from the country during a visit, I obviously leapt on the chance. Unfortunately customs made sure that they took every scrap of the awesome chocolate he’d brought from me and I felt seriously sad about this! Luckily, I remembered seeing videos through HisLittleEmo for Cybercandy, an online site that offers a huge variety of sweets and other goodies. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw they had a section specifically for Australian chocolate and sweets and soon put in an order!

As you can see, I love Australian chocolate and I really am surprised that the Cadbury Top Deck in particular hasn’t found a place on our shelves over here in the UK.

Pods (Mars And Snickers)

A wafer crisp in the shape of a cup filled with chocolate and Mars or Snickers filling. Both really do taste like the chocolate bars they are recreating (though with the Mars it’s more the aftertaste) and one is never enough! Crunchy, chocolatey and a bit creamy to boot, these little pockets of sweetness are my favourite chocolate from the land down under!

Price: £4.55 (on Cybercandy)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck

Scrumptious Dairy Milk chocolate with a top coat of white chocolate. The two flavours mix really well together and is sure to be loved by anyone who has a soft spot for milk chocolate. Utterly simple and totally yummy!

Price: £5.62 (On Cybercandy)

If you’re interested in trying out these sweets, Cybercandy is the only place I know of that stocks them! You can see all their range of Australian chocolate as well as their impressive selection of American, European and Japanese sweets!


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