Alphabet Challenge / Writing

Alphabet Challenge: Z is for Zero

This is the final entry in my reading challenge and Z is quite rightly for zero. This is very short and I tried to get the idea of a survivor knowing that they have failed to survive. If you know that you’re the last of humanity, the crushing failure of being ruined or changed would be somewhat overwhelming. That’s what I tried to convey with this piece.

Now that my writing challenge is over, I’m gonna focus a lot more on writing reviews about my favourite things, including food, music, comics, games and anything else that takes my fancy! I’m now splitting my time between this blog and “Plymouth Adventures”, where I keep track of events and occasions that are on in the Plymouth area, as well as reviewing local stuff! This writing challenge has helped get me back into the swing of writing and I couldn’t be happier with how it went!

“The step upstairs wakes me up so fast I’m on the other side of the room before I know anything else. Noise means movement. Movement means someone’s here. 

Gun in hand, clothes still on from the night before, I leap over to the door and swing it open. That naggging fury that they got in and how. Wasting time wondering. 

Up the stairs, finding the mix of quiet and speed that I need. I’m not breathing. Don’t dare. 

The steps came from the living room, there could be more but a solitary creature seems to make more sense for now. Only one could be this quiet. I’d have to risk the noise of the shot and then find the breach. 

The nails rake my skin and my body swerves not fast enough. She’s slowed, stilled and looks and me with a hunger. She grabbed me, she caught me! She broke the skin. With a thud of recognition that takes my breath away, I know it’s over.”


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