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Shottle Bop Review

At first glance, Shottle Bop jewellery may seem very similar to the many other brands of glass bottle necklaces and earrings. Not to undersell the tremendous quality of their glass bottles, which are a cute 2cm in height and secured with a cork, but I feel that there is something that truly sets this Welsh company apart from the legions of others that are creating glass bottle jewellery. What I particularly love about Shottle Bop is that they create some quirky and unique designs with their labeled bottles, as well as bringing out new designs constantly to always give their fans something new to accessorise with. Not only that but they also allow for a high level of customisation, offering different colours and lengths for the chain as well as a pallette full of colours for the fillings. This means that you can get yourself a bright pink potion, with or without glitter, or even something in blue, black, green and many other shades. My personal favourite are their new ranges of UV reactive fluids in pink, yellow and blue, perfect for clubbing! All this for about £10 is a great offer, with as many or as few trimmings as you desire!

So, when I say that Shottle Bop offers quirky jewellery, what exactly do I mean? Well, I think a good way to present this would be with the collection of Shottle Bop necklaces I have accrued.

Zombie Gone Necklace And Earrings

Shottle Bop EarringsFor fighting against the Zombie Hoarde, there’s nothing better than Shottle Bop’s patented “Zombie Gone” potion. “Effective against 98% of reanimated corpses”, this promises to be the best accessory you could need in the zombie apocolypse. These are the only pair of earrings I have from Shottle Bop and whilst they are initially quite heavy and large (there’s no size difference between the glass bottles for the pendant necklaces and earrings), they also have an eyecatching quality that comes with their size. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not rediculous, but if you’re only used to studs or small hanging earrings then you’re going to notice a difference. I got both of these items in matching UV green/ yellow liquid, which I think is perfect for the horror-themed look!

Paradox Remedy

This is a custom make from Shottle Bop and is a great example of their custom designs. I wanted something with a time traveling tily and got the perfect necklace! I made the chain longer on this design, which is another option for customisation. With its own custom label, this necklace is completely and utterly mine and it’s excellent getting to create such a unique present to yourself!

Chuthulhu’s Call

The ultimate horror icon, Lovecraft could never have foreseen such a powerful potion given into the hands of man. In bottle green, this is an excellent necklace for those that love classic horror and the danger that awaits misusing such a concoction!

The designs above are those that I have purchased but Shottle Bop offer a huge variety of designs, covering a plethora of genres and styles that will suit everyone. From fantasy elements (Unicorn Tears, Sirens Elixer) to the ultimate geeky products (Kryptonite), there is the perfect necklace for you! Shottle Bop also offers other options that I haven’t demonstrated in my collection, such as glitter in their liquids and handmade silver spoons. Not only that but they also offer ornamental potion bottles, which you can also give a custom label and colourful potion of your choice. And have I mentioned that every necklace comes in a wax sealed box and with a handwritten note from the Doctor himself? For unique products with a loving touch, you can’t out-geek the Shottle Bop team and their awesome glass bottle necklaces.


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