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Filthy Gorgeous London 3D Crystal Nail Polish: Kayleigh Reviews It All

Glitter nail polish

The bottles look totally gorgeous with their black lace detail and plectrum attachment!

Whilst Filthy Gorgeous London nail polish is considerably more expensive than I usually spend on my nails, good God can I see the difference. I purchased their 3D crystal nail polish in bright aqua from Blue Banana and the picture suggested a lot of colour and a lot of glitter. I was a bit disappointed initially as the images I have seen suggest that this nail polish is a bright sky blue and the colour you see in the image is clearly quite a lot darker. That said, this is still a spectacularly bright nail polish and numerous people have already asked about how sparkly it is, and this is over black nail polish! I can’t wait to try it over silver. The polish is made up of a colourful, sparkling glitter that comes in a range of sizes. Filthy Gorgeous London calls this their 3D effect nail polish and does give a far more textured appearance than other glitter varnishes. The range of colours in the polish from slightly different turquoise, blue and silver tones also aids in making this nail polish incredibly vibrant.

And this Filthy Gorgeous nail polish isn’t just attractive, it’s also seriously hard wearing. From the moment I put on the first layer, I realised that this fast drying nail varnish was going to be long lasting. This does result in a far stronger chemical smell than other nail polishes, so for those that feel ill when she smell varnish this isn’t going to be a pleasant cosmetic to use but goodness me is it strong! I didn’t use a top coat when I initially tried Filthy Gorgeous London and then went bowling the day after the the varnish barely chipped! Without a top coat! Vibrant, long lasting and totally eye catching, the only downside is that I have found this nail polish a real nightmare to remove. Obviously because I intended to do this review, I wanted to try this 3D effect over different colours and by itself but removing it so soon after the initial application turned out to be quite a problem. I’d recommend using thick make up removal pads as the texture can rip most tissues and pads to shreds.

Filthy Gorgeous London is a premium make of cosmetics and they produce exceptionally high quality nail polish that they use in their boutiques. Of course, this means that their varnishes are considerably more expensive than I normally spend on my nails but I am seriously happy with this 3D effect glitter polish! The extreme and intense colour clearly turns heads and even distracts me sometimes when I’m in work, that’s how bright it is! I also like how versatile the glitter is when it comes to application. I can choose a light layer over the top of a pre-existing colour but this Filthy Gorgeous London nail polish also stands up by itself and looks great with multiple layers. And, as I have already said, it’s amazingly long lasting and chip resistant even without a top coat. If you want to give yourself (and your nails) a treat and you have a soft spot for glitter then I recommend this Filthy Gorgeous London 3D glitter nail polish! Here’s a quick vid of all the different layering styles I tried in my first few goes with this polish, including a recap of all the points I’ve already made!

You can check out Filthy Gorgeous London’s own website for their full range of products!


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