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In This Moment – Blood

Album cover for In This Moment Blood

The album art for In This Moment’s “Blood”, released in August 2012

Discovering In This Moment has been one of the biggest perks of working at Blue Banana, along with all the other alternative music I have been able to check out and enjoy. Checking out Century Media’s official YouTube channel to see if there was something on-target we could post in our Facebook page, I stumbled across this video for “Blood”, the namesake of their latest album. In 3 minutes I was totally hooked and soon had Blood downloading onto my iPhone; the single and the whole album!

Blood In This Moment

I’m not a huge fan of the lyrics in the verse, which are obviously repetitive and have the slant that a lot of female metal artists have. Madness, dependence and sexual obsession aren’t exactly the most original lyrics but the moment the chorus kicked in I was hooked. I’ve never heard a female perform screaming lyrics with such intensity as Maria Brink manages to pull off in Blood. The whole album is filled with her screaming rage and frustration that is impossible to miss or ignore. The vehemence of Shut Up and Burn  will get your blood pumping just with her voice, never mind the amazing beat and rhythm that accompanies almost every song. I want a focus on a few of my favourites though:

Blood: As already stated, lyrics for the verses seem a little repetitive and uninspiring but the beat of the chorus is pounding and the screaming vocals are utterly thrilling. The kinda song that would sit perfectly over the top of a fist fight.

Beast Within: Another extreme metal song, I adore the lyrics for this tune (“I’ll tear you apart, I’ll eat out your heart”) and the intense chorus that sprawls and roves as much as the animal instincts that they’re singing about.

Blood Legion: An unusual choice for me as this song is actually relatively slow but I adore how the how tune slides around with a beautifully tragic tone that swells to a peak with each chorus. Only weird thing is the massively long ending, which always makes me feel uncomfortable and skip, so my iPod doesn’t think I’ve played this song. Not even once!

Overall, this is an excellent metal album that is sure to be popular with the female demographic who want our own thrash music to scream along to. Even if you don’t enjoy screaming vocals, I seriously recommend you check out Maria Brink’s style as she deserves respect for what she gets her voice to do! So many of the songs are about sex, violence and madness that I can picture this making some feminists uncomfortable but it comes with such a vigorous baseline that is unforgiving and amazing so I absolutely let this slide. Blood has been out since August this year so check In This Moment out right now!

If you want to learn more about this album, In This Moment explain the process that surrounded the album and their own favourite tracks. A great way to get behind the scenes!


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