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Japanese Pocky Review!

For anyone who loves Pocky, getting original Japanese flavours can be an amazing but somewhat dangerous pleasure. On the one hand, if you’ve have these cracker based sweets, coated in chocolate, strawberry or banana flavours, you know how moorish and delicious they tend to be. When I went to Japan recently, getting local Pocky was one of my must-buys and you only have to check out a website like Cybercandy to see that there are plenty of ways to authentic Japanese candy without even needing a ticket! I just decided to make it hard for myself…. Here are some of the flavours that I picked up though it should be noted that I picked up some very tame ones! Flavours that I was unwilling to try include:

  • Green Tea
  • Soy Bean
  • Salty
  • Dark Chocolate (seriously, yuck! Who’d ever want that?)

Perhaps next time I go to Japan I’ll bring back some more interesting Pocky to try, which will surely result in a more amusing video!


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